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Guys like you are probably why I prefer girls. And yes, there are guys who like me. Everyone should do it actually. I think this is totally appropriate. While you may want to get to know everything about your potential lover eventually, some of these details are NOT first or even 3rd date questions.

13 Rules for Dating a Transgender Woman

As a cis-gender female, I have been treated like a piece of meat, without any of the politeness initially. In front of my children. However, inquiring about surgeries, I might disagree. I got rear-ended, ruptured 3 disks in my neck and had to have major surgery because some idiot was more concerned about texting than my life. I get angry talking about it. I resent having a giant scar across the front of my neck. But depending on how people talk to me about it, it either conveys concern and compassion, or just stirs up more anger and resentment.

As a doctor, I ask people about their health all the time. I have no patience for people who push my boundaries.

Transgender Dating App Sees Tremendous Growth

Wow some of these comments are totally off. In love with a transgender. He just wants to be treated as normally as possible!! People should feel free to ask whatever the please. Its not about us trying to hide anything. Its about having enough respect for someone to get to know them as a person before anything else. Is that really too much to ask? Then you say that certain things are stigmatizing and stereotyping, but you later say there are health risks when seeing a sex worker.

Respect is given where deserved.


I am love the education this article is given. The are women and they must be treated as such. I am single and seeks for a lover. It ALL comes from the heart.

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If I see a female that I am attracted to, nothing else matters. Also, I am not into hurting anyone, and the tongue can be deadly. Great article, great advice.

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I guess I got super lucky. I am considering dating a Transgender woman I have been talking to. She admitted to me and was a little shocked. I guess the most thing I am worried about is how people would view me in this aspect of dating her and my family accepting this. If you have any suggestions from the Transgender point of view please share.

My GF and I have had our issues with my age and energy level, her ability to be faithful vs the excitement of being with younger men — some wealthier begging her to let them spirit her away for a carefree lifestyle. Whenever we go out, men and women lust after her…they stare so blatantly that it can be uncomfortable for her. She tries to laugh or shrug it off, but we both are very aware that in these times caution must always be the watch word. Oh, I guess i forgot to say that she is a Pre-Op Transgendered Woman and has been transitioning for about 3 years and only full time for the last year.

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At times, it has been rough — emotionally and physically for both of us. By definition one might assume that others will come after me. But since our most recent break up, things seem to have changed a bit. We are discussing giving it another try and building a life together. Why would we do this back and forth routine? Well my maturity allows me to see the world from her POV.

Just because my dancing til 3 AM days are behind me does not mean that she should starve herself of fun. She may yet have a few yet to sow. Until the time that she is able to complete her transition through sexual reassignment surgery, I will love her fully and totally as the woman she is and bring her as much pleasure as I possibly can both in and out of the bedroom. And God willing if we are still partners after the surgery, I will continue to treat her in the very same fashion. Only one person in my family knows of her status. My GF and I have discussed this issue and we feel that it should only be appropriate to discuss this with family members when both she and I have decided that they have a need to know anything at all.

Such a time might be in the event of a our engagement. Other than that, I have not discussed any of my other personal relationships with my extended family members, and do not intend to begin now.

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  5. My GF is looked upon by other members of the transgendered community as something of a role model. I like her, admire her, respect her, desire her and want to protect her. I believe she feels the exact same way about me.

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    Im currently in a relationship w a straight man alm four yrs n never met anyone in his life thusfar it makes me feel inadequa. Reading this made me feel like you are a total asshole. Maybe be less of a prick when you write? Are you a transgender John? I like this article. These tricks really worked well for me.

    A transgender is just like anyone else. They like to be treated with respect. Not much fun being transgender believe me unless you like being homeless and unemployed and discriminated. Transgenders are also human beings. Many of them are kind, smart people. The society must be inclusive of all types. Awwww babe I bet u r really beautiful I would take u out on a date anytime and that would not be for sex. Although the risks posed to transgender ladies by the communities that they live in are greater and incomparable to the challanges faced by people who have opposing views to their community, I really understand the challanges you have to go through.

    Some of the comments that I read here, the ones that are of agitating nature are coming from that same kind of people. You have great parents. I see your work as building bridges and narrowing the gap.